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Austria is a very mining-friendly country. The Austrian governments plan for mineral resources even served as a blueprint for a notice of the EU to its member states: “In the EU the regulatory framework has to be structured in such a way as to encourage a supply with mineral resources from European sources.”

The Styrian Alps once had been famous for their abundance in gold and silver occurences. A limestone ridge 150 km long carrying ores of gold, silver, antimony, lead, zinc, copper and iron, stretches at the western border of the Poels valley from the Mur river to Moederbrugg and possibly beyond.

Our two license areas are situated in the mineral-rich country of Styria, about 120 km to the south-east of Salzburg and about 85 km to the north-west of Graz. They cover the south-eastern slopes of the Woelzer Tauern, west of the large Poelstal fault zone. It comprises 99 granted claims near the village of Oberzeiring and 48 granted claims near in the gold bearing ore zone of Pusterwald. Both areas have a history of mining – mainly for gold and silver – as far back as to the early Middle Ages. Historical artifacts even date back to the Bronze Age, to the Illyrians, the Celts and the Romans.

Nowadays the exploration of ancient mining areas with modern methods is common practice worldwide in order to discover ore bodies, as yet unknown.

> Oberzeiring Project

> Pusterwald Gold District





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