Gold province Pusterwald

Key facts

  • 48 granted claims near the village of Pusterwald comprising a total area of about 20 km²
  • Mining activities documented since 1588, but probable since Celtic and Roman times
  • 14 historical high-grade occurrences of gold are known at surface
  • Problems with dewatering impacted on mining activities in historical times
  • Numerous historical gold mines are found within the licence area
  • Gold grades of up to 59 g/t with an average of 17.7 g/t have been published in the mining literature on the area ‘Plettenkar’ in the year 1952
  • All mining experts agree on the abundant occurrence of ore in the ‘gold-area’ Pusterwald
  • Recently taken surface samples from the Plettenkar, yielded 9.45; 9.93; 10.9; 14.15; 14.45; 16.85; 23.4; 29.2; 37; 41.1 and as top value 85.2 g/t gold (ALS/OMAC Laboratory)
  • Many strong geophysical anomalies, using Magnetic, VLF, RMT, IP, SP methods, have recently been discovered
  • Good contacts with the local authorities and landowners
  • Resuming mining activities is welcomed in the region

Planning further exploration

A large exploration programme is planned in many interesting parts of the project area, at first focussing on the Plettenkar-area:

  • Systemically collecting surface samples for laboratory analysis
  • Additional geophysics in order to analyse the geological structure
  • Selecting locations for diamond core drilling
  • First estimate of the size of the ore bodies

The results of many shallow drill holes in connection with the results of geophysical exploration and geochemical analyses will allow planning for deeper drilling.





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