Project area Oberzeiring

Key facts

  • 99 granted claims near the village of Oberzeiring on a total area of about 35 km²
  • In historical times Oberzeiring has been one of the largest silver mines in the eastern alps with locally elevated gold grades
  • Although high-grade ore zones are still indicated at depth, no mining activities are recorded since 1361
  • Recorded grades of up to 114 g/t gold and 10% silver in ore
  • Many historical silver mines are found in the vicinity of medieval mining capital
  • Ore rich in Au-Ag-Sb-Cu-Zn-Pb-Fe (also Ge, Ga and In)
  • First surface samples yielded up to 4.2 g/t gold and 2423 g/t silver, with 4% zinc and 2.5% lead
  • Good contacts with the local authorities and landowners
  • Resuming mining activities is welcomed in the region

Planning further exploration

A large exploration programme is planned in many interesting areas of the licences:

  • Systemically collect surface samples for laboratory analysis
  • Additional geophysics in order to understand the geological structure
  • Selecting locations for diamond core drilling
  • First estimations on size and extensions of the ore bodies

In addition, we plan to complete already initiated repair of a 600 m long mine adit, the „Johannes Erbstollen“, in order to access again the ancient mines 80 m under the surface of the village of Oberzeiring, which are completely under water, for dewatering and detailed exploration.




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Aurex Biomining AG Info-Folder Aurex Info-Folder
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